Systweak Disk Analyzer Pro

Systweak Disk Analyzer Pro 1.0

Monitors your Mac disk space actively and gives an advanced summary

Monitors your Mac disk space actively and gives an advanced summary

Disk Analyzer Pro is the most effective tool that gives you detailed and instant report of the usage of your Mac machine’s disk drive. With the help of this tool, you can free-up chunks of storage space. It lets you analyze the disk consumption and demonstrates the entire report in terms of file size, file type, ownership, etc. Let’s have a detailed view of the advanced features of Disk Analyzer Pro:

• Disk Analysis Report

• Integrated File Explorer

• File Size and File Type

• File date and Obsolete files

• Apps Summary

• Custom Type Summary

• All Folders and Subfolders list

• Custom Search Options

• Locate the largest and oldest files

Disk Analyzer Pro gives you entire information about the usage of your Mac disk drive along with folders and sub folders, and the installed applications. You can even detect and delete duplicate files, which ultimately help you retrieve wasted storage space on your Mac’s drive.

Unlike competitors, Disk Analyzer pro gives a detailed report of all the junk files, temporary files, log and incompletely downloaded files to be deleted from the system. It also help you to know which all items you should delete from the machine and filter duplicate files as well.